Quality from Tradition.
We are specialists in metal forming for over 85 years
Reliable partner.
Customers from the automotive industry trust our expertise for over 80 years
Precision in detail.
Our products are used worldwide in many safety-related areas
Large scale production.
We supply sheet metal parts with integrated tubes and high-strength threads

Deep drawing.

We offer security through quality for three generations.

Schmittenberg is one of the leading specialists for metal forming in Europe. Our core competence is the production of sheet metal parts with integrated, high-strength threaded tubes. We deliver large series for the automotive and non-automotive sectors worldwide.

Development, construction,
and tool making.

  • CAD construction
  • 3D method planning
  • FEM simulation
  • Simulation of the deep drawing process (Deep drawing simulation)
  • Prototype and sample construction

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Our core competence:
Tube drawing.

By combining deep drawing and cold extrusion to maximum load capacity of our threaded nozzles.

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Customers from the international automotive industry trust our products for over 80 years.

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