We produce safe, durable, and economic products.

Many years of experience and high quality standards ensure our competitiveness in the global market. So that it stays that way, we are constantly developing and striving to continuously optimize our processes and the degree of automation. All work steps – from tool design to series production through to delivery of the products – are constantly put to the test.


At the beginning of a new product there is an idea. With our many years of experience, committed and flexible employees, we advise and support our customers with the latest development tools in the implementation of specific requirements.


All construction processes are linked to the most modern communication technologies. We design modifications to existing parts or create new products that require documentation based on our customers’ own or digital templates. We also use 3D method planning, FEM and deep-drawing simulations. We also offer our own prototype and sample construction. This enables us to present our customers with a first version of their concept in a timely manner and thus shorten the development time.


We design and build our tools ourselves. In order to increase the dislocation density in the lattice structure of the raw material used, we only deform using the cold process in the progressive composite. Our many years of experience enable us to combine deep drawing and cold extrusion, which enables us to achieve maximum elasticity and tensile strength of our tube parts. The grommets are pulled directly from the carrier plate, single or multiple, depending on customer specifications. A wide variety of geometries in the tool are achieved through additional bending processes.

Repairability of our threads..

The targeted thickening of the raw material by up to 80% in the area of the tube enables a Helicoil® thread insert to be inserted, which enables inexpensive repairs to be made in hard-to-reach areas of the body. The required quality features such as pull-out force and torque are also achieved after the Helicoil® thread insert has been installed, which means that our products remain fully functional over the entire life cycle of a vehicle.

High load capacity of the products.

When it comes to vehicle construction, safety comes first. Our products are used where vital safety and fastening functions as well as lifelong durability are required. Our threaded nozzles meet the highest demands and thus contribute to increasing the safety of the vehicle and driver. International automotive groups and their suppliers honor our know-how with their long-term loyalty.

Performance of the punching machines up to 630 tons.

We produce exclusively on computer-controlled presses, the pressing force of which is in the range of 350 – 6,300 kN and which our progressive tools can accommodate up to a length of 3,000 mm.

Process security and precision.

We constantly monitor the process safety of our production. All of our stamping machines are computer controlled. In-process SPC monitoring, tension, pressure, pull-out and torque tests as well as microsection analyzes are carried out regularly in order to be able to guarantee the high quality of our products on a permanent basis.


The satisfaction of our customers motivates every single employee and is supported by all departments with great commitment.

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